Session 1:
Aug. 18th - Sept. 22nd

Institute Duration:  August 18th, 2019- May 31st, 2020

39 weeks total

All Classes are 6 weeks in length

Sunday classes 5:30-8:30 and Monday classes 6-9

*College credit hours may only be specific to certain schools and for certain degrees. 


Sunday course: The Life and Spirituality of Jesus 


Session 2:
Sept. 29th - Nov. 3rd

Sunday course: The Life of the Spirit 
Monday course: How to read the Bible for all it’s Worth 


Session 3:
Nov. 10th - Dec. 15th


Session 4:
Jan. 5th - Feb. 9th 


Session 5:
Feb. 16th- March 29th


Session 6:
April 5th- May 10th



Sunday course- Leadership Fundamental: 3D


Sunday course- Christ and Culture


Sunday course- Personal Discovery and Development 


Sunday course- The Making of a Leader


Introduction to Theology

National Institute of Christian Leadership (12 credit hrs)
60 hrs of lecture